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Then there is the challenge to SPEND the cash. How many times have you been at a store where they had posted NO ACCEPTANCE of hundred dollar bills, or even fifty dollar bills? I have and I've complained about it every time. But even if those bills are accepted, it routinely takes me longer to pay with cash, and receive change in cash, then swiping my cards. And I always notice how the line behind me grows longer when I'm fiddling though my pockets to get the correct amount of change to pay the clerk, much like it does if I ever sit there at the checkout trying to write a check.

What is a high merchant account for travel agency? It is one where the financial company behind it expects there to be problems based on what other companies in similar niches have gone through. MLM businesses tend to be high risk. eCommerce sites tend to be designated high risk as well. When the high risk designation is given, it can be very hard to get an account. Even if you do, the fees will be very expensive and chargeback penalties could be extreme. A chargeback, by the way, is when a customer demands a refund and is given it.

The third party is your final option. In this case your business itself is not granted its own merchant ID but rather utilizes the merchant account of another company. This is the simplest way to get an account online as you would just have to fill out a form. You could avail to free services as well. You would have to pay a small activation fee though. The only drawback here is that these third party companies take a very long time to process payments. They usually take 14 to 28 days.

However the moral of this story is - Always have a back up plan, so yes by all means use PayPal - we do, but consider other providers as well, read on ..

IPAYTOTAL is focused on providing comprehensive and affordable travel merchant accounts for our clients. IPAYTOTAL works with a variety of payment processors who provide merchant accounts for the travel industry and acquiring banks that allow travel agencies to process credit cards. We pride ourselves in providing reliable, affordable and secure merchant account services for travel agencies all around the world.

You do not have to have Merchant Accounts on all Cards. You can pick and choose which Cards you wish your Payment Processing System to process. You can usually always add additional cards as time goes on.

Online businesses are booming, and the entrepreneur who fails to find value in internet presence is surely to be pushed in the sidelines. The business will be reduced to the sidelines as an observer, while does who find the value in website presence are the ones that will reap the benefits. So if you business is still without a presence online then here is a sound decision- time to be online and you can make it happen by setting up a website.

Before going any further, you need to find a product that will sell. A product should have a professional appearance, be presented on a professional web site and be a quality product that you would want to recommend to others.

OK you have a website up and running, you have a few products for sale, or you may have opted to function as an affiliate for other peoples products. You even have a credit card payment system in place, be it your own merchant account for travel agency or Paypal, Click bank or some other very good third party. You proudly tell anyone who asks what you do, that you are a internet marketer, or some other fancy title that sounds impressive. You know that you on to a winner, you will soon be depositing checks everyday. However after a week or two you are confused, everything is all set up nicely but you are not selling anything.

You know that if it takes several days for them to get back to you that they will likely be the same way when you decide to use their service. People buying from a company they have never dealt with before are already going to be somewhat skeptical. If it takes a few days for you to get a response back from your merchant, and then another day or two to get back to your potential customers about something, this is detrimental to your business. You need them to be prompt and handle the questions professionally.
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